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Items can be skipped over during digitization for many reasons. Some might have been unavailable or beyond our technical capabilities, so it might be possible to return to them at a later date, while others should never be captured, either to protect the items or to protect someone's copyright. The key is to document which items were skipped and why.

How to note that an item has been skipped

  1. In the metadata, in the Staff Notes column where you would normally put the batch number, enter 'skipped'
  2. In the tracking data, in the DS Notes column, enter the reason why from the list below
  3. SKIPPED ITEMS ARE NOT PART OF A COLLECTION / AN UPLOAD BATCH; do not make MODS for them, include them in a batch metadata spreadsheet, or export them with a batch log file

Logging skipped items for the archive

  • Once a collection is complete, sort the metadata spreadsheet by the Staff Notes column; the 'skipped' items will be grouped together
  • Cut and paste the lines for the skipped items, metadata + tracking data, into a new spreadsheet
  • Save that spreadsheet
    • to the Admin folder of the only/last batch
    • as a tab delimited text file
    • named like this: collnum.skipped.txt
    • Example: u0003_0000193.skipped.txt
  • This metadata/tracking log will be part of the collection's archived documentation

List of reasons why an item may be skipped

  • Condition: item is too fragile to capture without harming it
  • Quality: item is not at all useful because of its physical condition (examples: the ink is faded to the point that it can't be read, the item is too crumpled to read, the text or image is effectively obscured from the camera because something is glued or fastened over it)
  • Rights: item is under copyright or access to it is restricted
  • Size: the item is too large to be captured with our current equipment
  • Format: the item is in a format we can't handle with our current equipment (example: video)
  • Missing: item is not in the box or simply does not exist