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Shift Reporter is a script written by Jeremiah (summer 2012) that allows us to easily track our work daily, using a controlled vocabulary, and export that information in XML format, either per person or for the whole group, and per month or year.

The script is written in Ruby with a Tk framework GUI.

To generate monthly reports, see Staff_Monthly_Reports.

Input Guidelines


  • Creating and preparing materials for online delivery, including adding to or changing the metadata
  • Related tasks include Audio, CanonEOS_5D, CanonEOS_6D, CanonEOS_7D, Flatbed, Metadata, Oddities_corrective, Oddities_offline_request, Oddities_renumbering, Oddities_weeded, Optimize, QC_eval, QC_fixes

Stats Input

Overhead Captures -> Hours -> Collection Number -> Number of Items -> Number of Scans

Original Metadata Creation -> Hours -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Lines of Metadata you Created)

MODS Creation -> Hours(0.25) -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Number of MODS Created)


  • Estimating costs, collecting information for metadata, assessing workflows, software, or hardware, troubleshooting commercial software, maintaining or troubleshooting hardware, material exchange
  • Related tasks include Assessment, DeptAdmin, Estimates, Troubleshooting


  • Migrating metadata from one schema to another; mapping metadata for transformation; modifying file forms so they can be transformed for migration; migration of one archival format of file to another for long-term access; writing software for migration or performing migration or reviewing results of migration for quality control
  • This is all batch work so we won't do a count of items


  • Authority work; Bringing metadata into alignment with controlled vocabulary or standardized policies in order to improve consistency; "migration" of non-archival formats to archival formats for long-term access

Stats Input

Metadata -> Hours -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Lines of Metadata you Changed/Remediated)

MODS Creation -> Hours(0.25) -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Number of MODS Created)


  • Adding new metadata (such as subjects where there were none) to existing files; modifying content files to provide an improved user experience

Stats Input

Metadata -> Hours -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Lines of Metadata you added to)

MODS Creation -> Hours(0.25) -> Collection Number -> Number of Items(Number of MODS Created)


  • Uploading content to Acumen, archiving and counting content, or doing other administrative work on the server side
  • Related tasks include Archiving, Monthly_Count, Upload


  • Researching, developing, or testing hardware, scripts, metadata, or workflows pertaining to our production pipeline
  • Related tasks include HardwareDev, Research, SoftwareDev, Troubleshooting


  • Researching or training in policy and procedure, attending educational presentations
  • Related tasks include Meetings, Research, Training

MeetingsAndCommunication Attending administrative or interdepartmental meetings, making internal communications like email and phone calls, exchanging materials with the archivists Related tasks include Communication, Meetings, Documentation

PersonnelOversight Overseeing personnel either by the digitization manager over staff or the staff over student workers, training others Related tasks include DeptAdmin, StudentOversight

Outreach Preparing for or carrying out outreach activities including within the Libraries, working with patrons, researching the user experience Related tasks include Outreach, Usability Testing

SearchEngineOptimization Tasks which increase web search engine access and indexing, such as work on, sitemaps, browse pages

Scholarship Work pertaining to academic scholarship writing papers preparing for conferences, presentations Related tasks include Research, communication, meetings, softwareDev

Service Work Pertaining to academic service Related tasks include meetings, communication

OtherTasks Tasks that do not fall under any other category, largely administrative activities that aren't under Production Support or Personnel Oversight, but including any uncategorized task Related tasks include DeptAdmin