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Folders in S:/Digital Projects

Project Folders

  • Digital Coll-completed –completed projects
  • Digital Coll-in progress –partially-completed and/or in-progress projects
  • Digital Coll-proposed – preliminary materials pertaining to proposed projects
  • Digital Coll-waiting – projects chosen but not yet in progress—because they're not ready, because they simply haven't been started yet, or because they were started and scanning has been halted in favor of something else.
  • OtherOnlineProjects –other digital projects Hoole is involved in
  • WorkForOthers – projects we completed for other organizations

Project Tracking Folders

  • Organization – files that plan our future or track our progress (such as TrackingFiles, TrackingFilenames); also includes a folder for Photoshop Actions

Administrative or Other Folders

  • Administrative
  • Backup Exec AOFO Store
  • Misc Folders
  • Other Stuff
  • System Volume Information

Folder Organization for Project Folders


  • Sub-folders for projects at an early or informal stage do not need to conform to this organization scheme, as it may not even be possible, but all sub-folders in 'Digital Coll-in-progress' and 'Digital Coll-completed' must be organized in the manner described below. As much as possible, sub-folders in 'OtherOnlineProjects' and 'WorkForOthers' should be organized in this manner, too.


  • Main project folders - should be named with the formal digital collection number plus a helpful keyword to remind us of what that number stands for (ex: u0003_0000633_HarperTimetables).
  • Project sub-folders – should be named in a generic and uniform way (note the capitalization—it matters!): Admin, Metadata, Scans
  • Object folders - for multi-page objects, sub-folders within 'Scans' should be labeled only with object filenames (example: u0003_0000633_0000006).


  • Main Project Folder - only the three project sub-folders listed below
  • Project sub-folders
    • Scans - Where digitized materials (scans and audio files) are stored.
      • All digital materials should be optimized.
      • Do not include anything in the 'Scans' folder but files of digitized materials and their folders!
  For audio collections the Scans folder may temporarily also include ADL files (see "Audio" from Intellectual_vs_Logical).
  These XML files must, however, be moved to the Admin folder prior to moving the audio files to long term storage/delivery. 
    • Metadata - Where the metadata spreadsheet for a collection is kept.
    • Admin - Where any other files and folders related to the collection go.
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