Setting Up Metadata Librarian Work Area

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On the share drive

  • Navigate to S:\Metadata\Staging\Staging_Area_Setup and copy the "Copy_This" directory to S:\Metadata\Staging\
  • Rename the new version of Copy_This with the metadata librarian's name.

On the libcontent server

1) As root, create a new user and home directory with the correct permissions:

  useradd -m -g www newUserName

2) Assign a temporary password:

   passwd newUserName
   {enter password}
   {enter password}

3) Give the username and password to the metadata librarian; tell them to use SSH (bitvise is good) and log into

4) Copy the contents of the /home/metadataLibrarian directory to the new home area:

  cp /home/metadataLibrarian/*    /home/newUserName/.

5) Change into that directory, and navigate to the ModsEditor folder. Open the getMods script and replace "metadataLibrarian" with the name used for the new directory you just created on the share drive in the staging area.

6) Change the mount point in that script and in all the others in this home area, to point to the mount point you are assigning to this employee.

  grep cifs-mount *  in each directory to find them all.  Each script needs to be modified by hand, and the mount point must be correct for the scripts to work properly.

7) Set up the mount point. Navigate to root (cd / ) to see what's in use. If you ls a mount point and see nothing, it's not in use or has come unmounted. For safety's sake, select a number for which there is no directory yet. The form of the directory name will be "cifs-mount9", so we'll use that as an example:

  • mkdir cifs-mount9
  • mount -t cifs -o uid={UALIB username here},gid=www,username={YOUR UALIB username here},domain=lib //{New staging area directory name here}/MODSedits/ /cifs-mount9
  • enter YOUR UALIB password to complete the mount point. When your password changes, you'll have to remount all these again!

8) Test. ls your mount point to see if the staging directories are there: ls /cifs-mount9

On the etd server