Set Up Collection

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Setting up a Collection

• Move the collection from the queue to the In_progress tab in the Selection spreadsheet located in the Organization/Digital Programs folder.


• Next place the folder from Dig_in_progress/ Dig_Coll_Waiting to the in_progress Folder


• Create the XML sheet (copy from wiki- Search “Collection Info”)


• Check for XML online. Use information from selection spreadsheet to fill in XML. (remember to save it in XML format)

• How to decipher between M01 or M02 spreadsheets (located on intranetCollection & tech servicesCataloging & Metadata ServicesMetadata ServicesSpreadsheet/Template registry


• Rename the spreadsheet if it is not in proper format (i.e. u0003_0000456_EarlyALgrants u0003_0000456.m01)

• Be sure to check folder structure is accurate (Admin(finding aid?), Metadata(u0001_0000xxx.m01), Scans)