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1) Move the collection from the queue to the In_progress tab in the Selection spreadsheet located in the Organization/Digital Programs folder.


2) Next place the folder from Dig_in_progress/ Dig_Coll_Waiting to the in_progress Folder


3) Create the XML sheet (copy from wiki- Search “Collection Info”)


4) Check for collection XML online. Use information from selection spreadsheet to fill in XML. (remember to save it in XML format)

5) When naming the spreadsheet it helps to know how to decipher between m01 or m02 spreadsheets (located on intranet Collection & tech servicesCataloging & Metadata ServicesMetadata ServicesSpreadsheet/Template registry


6) Rename the spreadsheet if it is not in proper format (i.e. u0003_0000456_EarlyALgrants --> u0003_0000456.m01)

7) Be sure to check that folder structure is accurate (Admin(finding aid), Metadata(u0001_0000xxx.m01), Scans)