Server-side Count Scripts

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Before beginning this process, makes sure to check out Documenting_Invisible_Digitization. This process is currently being developed.

At the moment, instructions exist in "TO_DO_MONTHLY_COUNT" in /srv/scripts/stats/ on

Here's what that document currently says:

1) Run these 4 scripts:

  1. acumenCount
  2. shareCount
  3. archiveCount
  4. depositsCount

2) Check output in output directory.

3) Then run combineCounts

This will capture monthly snapshot.

4) next will be to run a comparison script that will:

  1. compare last month's to this months, and output the difference, which should be what was digitized this month
  2. will look on share drive at 4 files exported into Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program_Logs\TrackingOddities\2012-2013\ (or whatever the current fiscal year is) and read those in, incorporating their counts into the totals (corrective, ocr, offline, weeded)
  3. capture GB counts, and subtract the REVIEW folder count to get it right
  4. output the snapshot for the month.

Finally, we need to automate this whole process into a cron, and send via email.