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[[Moving Content To Long-Term Storage]]
#[[Moving Content to Acumen and Archive]]
[[Watching for Bit-Level Corruption]]
#[[Moving Content To Long-Term Storage]]
[[Backing up Databases]]
#[[Archiving EADs]]
[[Backing up Indexes]]
#[[Archiving MODS]]
[[Verifying That Automated Processes Run]]
#[[Archiving ETDs]]
[[Database Tracking]]
#[[Crowdsourcing | Harvesting Tags and Transcriptions]]
#[[EDS | Updating EDS]]
#[[Watching Our Backs]]

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  1. Moving Content to Acumen and Archive
  2. Moving Content To Long-Term Storage
  3. Archiving EADs
  4. Archiving MODS
  5. Archiving ETDs
  6. Harvesting Tags and Transcriptions
  7. Updating EDS
  8. Watching Our Backs
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