Septimus D. Cabaniss Papers

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Overview Section


Preparation work will be done almost exclusively by Digitization Specialist Amanda Presnell (or in her absence due to illness, etc. by Digitization Manager Jeremiah Colonna-Romano or Digitization Specialist Nitin Arora).

Pull physical box

Prepare physical box:

  • Look through every folder.
  • Remove staples.
  • Mark everything that "needs overhead" [both physically (Amanda) and in trackingfiles (student)].
  • If an item is problematic, Amanda will walk the item down to Clark/Donelly to ask for guidance.

Prepare folder structure:

S drive:

  • A single "Scans" folder exists for the collection.
  • Make a new "box" folder per box.
  • Make a "folder" folder for each folder in the box.

Local drive:

  • A single collection folder exists on each computer:
  • Consists of singletons and compound object folders.

Return box (after all Quality Control is done).

Scanning (students/Amanda):

  • Before scanning, if scans are on local drive, upload them to S drive and delete upon verification of upload success.
  • Make scans (needs to be fully documented?).
    • Use documented specifications (compound objects will be considered compound based on obvious features ... elaborate later).
    • Items needing to go on overhead:
      • Mark items in TrackingFiles (use "Needs Overhead" in Notes and Highlight the row). Make sure a filename is assigned to it.
      • Use physical marker around (in front and behind item) in physical box and write down filename on these markers.
  • Upload:
    • 30 minutes prior to end shift. (Use filename structure to know what "box" and "folder" directories to upload to).
    • After verifying upload success, delete corresponding scans off local drive.
      • If shift time remains, continue to scan. Items will get uploaded next time, etc.
  • Upon completion of box:
    • Alert Amanda that flatbed scanning box is complete.
    • Begin scanning a new box.

Quality Control (Amanda):

  • Physical:
    • Verify all content are there (cross-reference with filenames).
    • Check folder sequance numbers.
  • S Drive:
    • Label completely scanned "box" folders as "check", "QCed", "Ready", etc.
    • Run PERL Scripts.
      • Checks for correct filenames. Make any corrections.
      • Checks for count of scans by item level. Make any corrections.
    • Spot check every 20th scan for image quality.

Scanning Specifics and Details Section