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Preparation work will be done almost exclusively by Digitization Specialist Amanda Presnell (or in her absence due to illness, etc. by Digitization Manager Jeremiah Colonna-Romano or Digitization Specialist Nitin Arora).

Pull physical box

Prepare physical box:

Look through every folder.
Remove staples.
Mark everything that "needs overhead" [both physically (Amanda) and in trackingfiles (student)].
If an item is problematic, Amanda will walk the item down to Clark/Donelly to ask for guidance.

Prepare folder structure:

S drive:
A single "Scans" folder exists for the collection.
Make a new "box" folder per box.
Make a "folder" folder for each folder in the box.
Local drive:
A single collection folder exists on each computer:
Consists of singletons and compound object folders.

Return box (after all Quality Control is done).

Scanning (students/Amanda):

Before scanning, if scans are on local drive, upload them to S drive and delete upon verification of upload success.

Make scans (needs to be fully documented?). Use documented specifications (compound objects will be considered compound based on obvious features ... elaborate later). Items needing to go on overhead: Mark items in TrackingFiles (use "Needs Overhead" in Notes and Highlight the row). Make sure a filename is assigned to it. Use physical marker around (in front and behind item) in physical box and write down filename on these markers.

Upload: 30 minutes prior to shift. (Use filename structure to know what "box" and "folder" directories to upload to). After verifying upload success, delete corresponding scans off local drive. If shift time remains, continue to scan. Items will get uploaded next time, etc.

Upon completion of box: Alert Amanda that flatbed scanning box is complete. Beging new box.

Quality Control (Amanda):

Physical: Verify all content are there (cross-reference with filenames). Check folder sequance numbers.

S Drive: Label completely scanned "box" folders as "check", "QCed", "Ready", etc. Run PERL Scripts. Checks for correct filenames. Make any corrections. Checks for count of scans by item level. Make any corrections. Spot check every 20th scan for image quality. --Scpstu32 12:48, 18 September 2009 (CDT)

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