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When to treat a book as a scrapbook

Why would you number something as a scrapbook?

  1. It has complex/paginated items on the page level, and the structure would be difficult to follow without numbering on the sub-page level
  2. It has simple or complex items on the page that we want to be able to tag/transcribe

Can scrapbook items comes from otherwise regular manuscript collections?

  • Yes. If you encounter scrapbooks among regular material and decide to number them this way, they must be uploaded separately (different batch(es)) from the other content, as the scripts are different.

Differences from a regular collection


Use three-digit sub-page numbers to indicate objects on a page

  • Example: For the fifth item on page 10 of item seven: u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005

Can use two-digit sub-sub-page numbers to indicate multipage objects on a page

  • Example: If the above item was a two-page pamphlet, they would be numbered u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005_01 and u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005_02
  • NOTE: It is not necessary to create a three-digit sub page in order for that object to have sub-sub pages; in fact, we want to avoid that if possible. Acumen can infer the relationship, as long as you do include the proper sub-page number in the sub-sub filenames.

Scrapbook filenaming.png


Each scrapbook constitutes a single line of metadata.

However, if captions exist, you should make a captions file to track page-by-page metadata:

  • Make an Excel sheet with two columns -- without headers
    • In the first, put in page IDs (the filename minus '.tif') for all the pages and sub-pages (and sub-sub-pages)
    • In the second, for each image that has a caption, put it in the second column beside the appropriate ID
  • Save as a tab delimited text file
    • Named in this format: [item filename].captions.txt
    • In the Metadata folder

The ScrapbookMakeJpegsMD script will use that captions file to stuff captions into the stub MODS for each page/sub-page/etc.

Organization and Tracking

  • DO NOT create folders for pages, sub-pages, or sub-sub-pages; all should be in the item folder.
  • If you start but do not finish a book, make a note of your progress in the collection spreadsheet.


Scrapbook batches will use different scripts for some processes

  • Quality Control: use rather than -- it will allow for the three-digit page numbers
  • Upload: use ScrapbookMakeJpegs rather than makeJpegsPurls -- it can create stub MODS for the sub-pages if you ask it to
    • Create stub MODS for ROTC and other photo-heavy collections for which we want to be able to tag individual photos/other items
    • Do not create stub MODS for items that simply require scrapbook numbering, such as stray scrapbooks or albums in manuscript collections

Individual workflows

Army ROTC Scrapbooks