Scrapbook Workflow

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Differences from a regular collection


Use three-digit sub-page numbers to indicate objects on a page

  • Example: For the fifth item on page 10 of item seven: u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005

Can use two-digit sub-sub-page numbers to indicate multipage objects on a page

  • Example: If the above item was a two-page pamphlet, they would be numbered u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005_01 and u0003_0000xxx_0000007_0010_005_02
  • NOTE: It is not necessary to create a three-digit sub page in order for that object to have sub-sub pages; in fact, we want to avoid that if possible. Acumen can infer the relationship, as long as you do include the proper sub-page number in the sub-sub filenames.

Scrapbook filenaming.png


Each scrapbook constitutes a single line of metadata. However, if captions exist, you should make a captions file to track page-by-page metadata:

  • Make an Excel sheet with two columns -- without headers
    • In the first, put in page IDs (the filename minus '.tif') for all the pages and sub-pages (and sub-sub-pages)
    • In the second, for each image that has a caption, put it in the second column beside the appropriate ID
  • Save as a tab delimited text file
    • Named in this format: [item filename].captions.txt
    • In the Metadata folder

The ScrapbookMakeJpegsMD script will use that captions file to stuff captions into the stub MODS for each page/sub-page/etc.

Organization and Tracking

  • DO NOT create folders for pages, sub-pages, or sub-sub-pages; all should be in the item folder.
  • If you start but do not finish a book, make a note of your progress in the collection spreadsheet.


Will use different scripts for some processes

  • Quality Control: use rather than -- it will allow for the three-digit page numbers
  • Upload: use ScrapbookMakeJpegs rather than makeJpegsPurls -- it can create stub MODS for the sub-pages if you ask it to
    • Create stub MODS for ROTC and other photo-heavy collections for which we want to be able to tag individual photos/other items
    • Do not create stub MODS for items that simply require scrapbook numbering, such as stray scrapbooks or albums in manuscript collections

Individual workflows

Army ROTC Scrapbooks