Scenario 6

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In this scenario, we have lost all our archival files, and have no backups.

1) The monthly Acumen collection list (emailed to several), or the Tracking Filenames spreadsheet on the share drive, can help determine what collections did exist, (and which may still exist online).

2) The archivists would set the priorities for re-scanning of lost content.

3) The Unit Head (or Repository Manager) would modify the MD5 checksum database entries for all the lost content.

4) Digital Services would then digitize the content as identified. Old metadata spreadsheets would be pulled from the DS share drive store for this purpose, but if the remediated MODS for the content is online, new MODS would not be created to overwrite them.

5) Recreated content would be restored to the archive. Existing MODS, EADs, transcripts, and collection XML would be pulled from Acumen into the archive (if it exists).