Scenario 5

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In this scenario, we have lost all our archival files, and only have ADPNet content available for restoration.

I. For the content available in ADPNet:

A. Obtain copy of the cache from an ADPNet partner. This will require:

1) contacting LOCKSS at (by Unit Head of DS or Head of Web Services) and

2) access to the LOCKSS box (Head of Web Services) to obtain the cache and

3) access to libcontent to transfer the cache over there for rebuilding (Head of Web Services).

B. Utilizing the procedures mapped out in LOCKSS Content Restoration Documentation, rebuild the missing content and directories. (DS Unit Head or Repository Manager)

II. For the content not available in ADPNet: Refer to Scenario 4, separating out the content restorable from LOCKSS, and moving forward with recreation of the remaining content.

III. Modify the database records for all the archival content appropriately. (Unit Head, DS, or Repository Manager)