Scenario 3

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In disaster scenario 3, we lose everything on the share drive.

Examples of potential loss involved:

  • In the archivist area, this would be loss of all the digitization and metadata preparation performed by April, all the access databases, and all the archivist spreadsheets.
  • In the digital services area, loss includes all our organization and tracking spreadsheets, all the digitization done that’s not uploaded, all the documentation of procedures and policies
  • In the metadata area, loss includes all the procedures, policies, resources, and spreadsheets

The access databases are particularly critical for the archivists. Eventually, Archivists Toolkit (AT) is to become the database of record, replacing the access databases. AT is on the library webserver, so it would not be impacted by this scenario. In the meantime, we need to:

  1. prioritize the Access databases in terms of importance according to content and strategic value,
  2. provide alternate backups for these
  3. and consider converting these into enterprise level databases on the server level.

For For Archivists Toolkit as well as any database, we need to consider who needs access, the purposes for access, and whether view and search access might be of value for a wider group of people.

In general, however, we strongly recommend that each person and/or unit keep separate backups of critical materials, so these can be quickly restored in case of disaster which may impact our ability to obtain backup content from OIT.