Scenario 2

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If all the content in Acumen has been lost, then it will need to be reconstructed from the archival files. The following is the roadmap for that process:

1) Script to check which archival digital content we do NOT have MODS files for.

a) Once identified, notify the metadata unit and ask them to regenerate the MODS from spreadsheets.

b) If the metadata unit does not have the spreadsheets any more, check with Digital Services staff to see if the unremediated spreadsheets is still in the share drive storage area.

c) If it is not, check with the archivists to see if they have the original metadata spreadsheets.

d) Ensure that the process has begun to recreate the needed MODS, and that notification will take place when that metadata is ready.

2) Modify the makeJpegs and ocrIt scripts in /srv/scripts/surfacing to generate image and text derivatives from archival files, and to copy the most current MODS, EAD, transcripts, and collection XML files from the archival directories into the corresponding Acumen web directories, creating directories as needed. Make sure to exclude the content identified in step 1, as there will be no item-level metadata yet for those files. Also exclude the audio files.

3) Audio:

a)Assign the regeneration of derivatives from audio files to either the Digitization Technologist or the Technical Lead, and

b) provide access to the ADL XML files that will enable them to extract the segments needed from the WAV files for the MP3s.

c) Provide scripting support as needed. This includes movement of transcripts, MODS, collection XML, and generation of OCR, as above.

4) Run 'findmissing' in /srv/scripts/qc to identify any missing files. Fill in the gaps.

5) Follow up on generating derivatives and creating directories and moving files for collections and content for which metadata is reconstructed, in a timely manner.

Note: Except when other personnel has been identified, these tasks are those of the unit head, or in her absence, the repository manager.