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Scan Back Workflow

  1. Turn on lights. Lights will take about 10 minutes to reach a stable tone.
  2. Open ViewFinder BetterLight 7.4.1 software.
  3. Before you begin scanning, you must perform color calibrating and digitally assisted focusing.
  4. To perform color calibrating:
    • Place the Kodak Gray Scale card under the scanner and click Prescan.
    • Choose the bulls eye tool and click on several different places on the Gray Scale card.
    • Choose the color tab to the right of the screen. Click Auto Balance. This will set the color profile. To get rid of the circles on the screen click Clear Meter.
  5. To perform digitally assisted focusing:
    • Place the BetterLight focusing card under the scanner and click Prescan.
    • Choose the focus tab on the the right of the screen.
    • Using the cursor, click in the center of one of the squares on the card.
    • Click Go under the Focus tab.
    • The scanner looks at this card to determine contrast. The higher the contrast number, the better the focus. When you click Go, you will see 3 fluctuating numbers. You will want to click the Stop button when all 3 numbers seem to have reached the highest possible number.
  6. Set up a folder to save the scans. On the Mac that is attached to the Scan Back, you will do this on the RAID 1 drive. From here chose the Digital Program file and create a new file for your project.
  7. Set preferences in the BetterLight software. Click on ViewFinder in the upper right corner and chose Preferences.
    • Check Automatically Retrieve Scans
    • Click scan folder to browse for the folder you have created.
    • Check Use auto naming. For an item with multiple pages, enter the first 3 sections of the file name in the file name field (ex. u0003_0000753_0000003). Set the starting number. Set the Step by field to 1. Set the Suffix length to 4. This will set the last set of number in the file name (ex. _0001; BetterLight automatically inserts an underscore before the last set of numbers. If you are working with a photo or other single item collection, set auto naming appropriately.
    • Set File description text field to Capture Notes.
    • Check Automatically open retrieved files.
    • Under ISO Increment, chose 1/10 stop and set Baseline ISO to 20.
    • Set Line Time Sync to 60 Hz.
  8. Place object on table below the scanner. If the item will fit, place it in the book cradle. (Remember if you are using the book cradle, color calibrating and digitally assisted focusing should be done with the book cradle in place.
  9. Click Prescan. After prescan is complete, use the crop tool to choose only the area needed for current scan. Next click Scan.
  10. Once the scan is complete, the file will open automatically in PhotoShop. Load proper actions and optimize image. (Link to PhotoShop page)