Robert Jemison, Jr. Papers

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Robert Jemison, Jr. Papers Finding Aid

This collection is unique because it contains a number of letter books. Each of these letter books contains numerous letters, and to complicate matters, we have typed transcripts of a sampling of these letters. We want to maintain archival tiffs of these letters and also find an appropriate way to display the transcripts. We have decided to do this in the following way:

  • Scan each letter book as one item. Metadata will be for the entire book.
  • For the letters that we have transcripts for, not only will they be included in the scans of the entire book, but we will also make copies of the tiffs for that particular letter. The letter will get its own individual filename, and metadata will be created for the letter and it will be added to the bottom of the current metadata Excel spreadsheet.
  • Transcripts for these letters will be placed into text files that directly correlate with the scan so we will have a 1:1 ratio, one text file for each tiff.
  • When a letter does not start at the top of a page, a note will be made in the metadata, such as "Letter begins at middle of page."