Replacing a PDF

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

All of our PDF files are archival, and well protected. Changing them costs us money, as LOCKSS will simply version them in our storage in all the nodes. However, sometimes it simply must be done, and here's how.

On the libcontent server, change directory to /srv/scripts/storing/problems and run modifiedPDFs with 1 parameter:the path to the Scans directory containing the new PDF(s).

For example:

modifiedPDFs   /cifs-mount/Digital_Coll_Complete/u0015_0000001/Content/

Make sure you get that order correct, and have a forward slash at the end of the path.

The script will ask you if you need it copied live into Acumen; if you type in "y" for yes, it will be copied there.

This script will collect checksum and size for the PDF, correct the md5sum.fileSums database table and add to the modified table, and correct the checksum flat files, and then REPLACE the original PDF in the archive in the correct location in the archive.