Removing an EAD

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The primary considerations in the workflow are whether the collection has already been released in LOCKSS for preservation copying, and whether there is any digitized content for the collection. Please be careful with the commands below, as they are irreversible, and if you type in the wrong collection number (or worse), we will not be able to restore the deletion.

The examples below are dependent upon the collection number being "u0003_0003696" or "u0003_0003714", and the gaining collection (which it's been combined with) being "u0003_0003748". Change the numbers to what is CORRECT for the entry you are working with.

The process to do this is as follows:


*Check to see if the content is in LOCKSS:

  1. Log into the database InfoTrack, select * from inLOCKSS where id_2009 like “u0003_0003696”;
  2. if null, then we can delete content in the archive.
  3. If it’s in there, though, we create a problems.txt in the Documentation folder in the archive and say what happened.


  1. If any items are in the collection, we cannot delete the directories! In that case, ASK DONNELLY IF THE ITEMS NEED TO GO TO THE OTHER COLLECTION, and:
  2. `rm /srv/archive/u0003/0003696/Metadata/*ead*xml’ (this gets versioned ones as well)
  3. `rm /srv/www/htdocs/content/u0003/0003696/Metadata/*ead.xml’
  4. Modify the manifest to remove EAD links: vi /srv/archive/u0003/0003696/Documentation/Manifest.html

*If NO items are in the collection:

  1. Make a note of the title for the next set of steps, and then:
  2. `rm –r /srv/www/htdocs/content/u0003/0003696`
  3. Retain the collection directory and Documentation directory for the problems.txt file.
  4. And remove from database: delete from allColls where id_2009 like “u0003_0003696”
  5. And remove the flat file for checksums: rm /srv/scripts/md5/cya/checksums/u0003/0003696
  6. In either case, remove the EAD listing from the database: delete from allColls where id_2009 like “u0003_0003748” and AnalogOrDigital like “A”;

*If in LOCKSS:

  1. Create a problems.txt in /srv/archive/u0003/0003696/Documentation/ and indicate that Donnelly told us on x date to take the EAD down, that it was combined with collection u0003_0003748
  2. Remove the live version: `rm /srv/www/htdocs/content/u0003/0003696/Metadata/*ead.xml’
  4. If no items, but there's an EAD, remove the EAD and Metadata, but retain the collection directory and Documentation directory for the problems.txt file.
  5. In either case, update database so it won’t show in the browse listing, and so we know what happened:
update allColls set online=NULL, inAcumen=NULL, listLevel=NULL, notes = “MSS 3696 Guide to the Arley E. Hughes Sr. Letters was added to   collection MSS 3748 on 7/21/14 per Donnelly Lancaster, then taken offline” where id_2009 like “u0003_0003748” and AnalogOrDigital like “A”;

6. Whether in LOCKSS or not, remove alternative versions of the EAD: `rm /srv/deposits/EADs/*/u0003_0003696.ead.xml`

NOTE: If you delete the manifest (which happens if you delete the archival directories) you MUST remove the link to the manifest(s) that are in the holder level directory manifest as well. For example, if you remove /srv/archive/u0003/0003696/ then you need to edit the /srv/archive/u0003/Documentation/Manifest.html and remove the link(s) to the manifests for the u0003_0003696 collection.


  1. Since this impacted another collection, check the title both in the database and in the Manifest in the archive (and the collection xml).
    1. view /srv/archive/u0003/0003748/Documentation/u0003_0003748.xml (there is none, since there’s no items online yet).
    2. vi /srv/archive/u0003/0003748/Documentation/Manifest.html (changed the title to “Hughes family papers” on both <head> and <title> lines.
  2. In the InfoTrack database:
    1. select * from allColls where id_2009 like "u0003_0003748"; (the title was in this case updated by the upload of the new EAD; if it was not, must modify it. )
    2. Also in this database, add a note:
 update allColls set notes = “MSS 3696 Guide to the Arley E. Hughes Sr. Letters was added into this collection 7/21/14 per Donnelly Lancaster; that collection was removed.” where id_2009 like “u0003_0003748”;


  1. If the collection for which an EAD was retracted contains items, check to see if the items go to another collection. If they do, that’s a whole ‘nother process, that impacts checksums too…
  2. Delete the PURL for the EAD from the database so that when we have to update those, we won’t be confused.
 `delete from lookup where id_2009 like “u0003_0003696” and history like “%EAD%”;

In InfoTrack we also have a table for deleted collections (this has clearly happened a few times).

3. If the entire collection was deleted (as this was), then we need an entry here that indicates the identifier, whether it was analog (the EAD) or digital, the date pulled, who requested this, and any notes.

So, for this one, I logged into InfoTrack and typed in:

insert into removedColls values(NULL,"u0003_0003696","A","2014-07-21","Donnelly Lancaster Walton", "combined with collection u0003_0003748");

To see the results, type in “select * from removedColls” and you’ll see the whole list.


  1. Change directory to /srv/deposits/EADs/
  2. do an ls for the finding aid for any directory in that area, for example: ls */u0003_0003714.ead.xml
  3. remove each of those files, for example: rm */u0003_0003714.ead.xml