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Every month we collect a count of what has been digitized, what is online, and how many GB of archival content is in storage. The results of this count are reflected below.


  • June 2016: 666 items/ 3493 subitems were digitized this month.
  • May 2016: 720 items/ 3650 sub items were digitized this month. [Snapshot May 2016]
  • April 2016: 1534 items/ 4099 sub items were digitized this month. [Snapshot April 2016]
  • March 2016: 924 items/ 2313 sub items were digitized this month. [Snapshot March 2016]
  • February 2016: 2098 items/ 4991 subitems were digitized this month. [Snapshot February 2016]
  • January 2016: 1406 items/ 3962 subitems were digitized this month. [Snapshot January 2016]




Here's how this count is collected: Monthly_Count.

In October 2012, we modified how we collect the count, to capture a snapshot across multiple locations and note duplicates which are in the process of being repaired. We also developed a method of tracking digitization that never sees the light of day. This can include:

  • digitization for donors, such as providing digital versions of content donated to Special Collections
  • digitization for publication, at the dean's request, often for cost recovery
  • weeded collections (such as those containing duplicates), and collections deleted due to rights issues
  • digitization of typed transcripts in order to obtain OCR to enable searchability of hand-written documents (we delete the transcript tiffs)
  • recapture of badly digitized content
  • correction of errors, such as duplicate captures of a single page
  • Starting in October 2012, we are capturing monthly snapshots, with a second synopsis specifying GB counts and what was accomplished this past month.

For October, 2012, the synopsis was as follows (not yet automated):

  • Digitized 125 new items (8719 captures)
  • Total items digitized: 89972
  • Total captures: 323204
  • Total items in Acumen: 78704
  • Total captures in Acumen: 294350
  • Total GB in archive: 13852
  • Total GB on share: 474
  • Total GB: 14326

October 2012 snapshot spreadsheet is here:

The following track our digitization up to October 2012, when we changed our method of collecting information.

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished from October 2011 through September 2012, updated monthly:

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished from October 2010 through September 2011, updated monthly:

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished from September 2009 through September 2010, updated monthly:

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished August 2009:

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished from August 2008 through July 2009:

  • Spreadsheet of digitization work accomplished from August 2007 through July 2008:

Snapshot overview of collection counts 12/2/09:

27 manuscript collections are in the queue in the Selection spreadsheet in S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital Program. They range in size from a single page to “many” items.

28 collections have been prepped by the archivists (some item level metadata created and are awaiting scanning). These are in S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress\Digital_Coll_Waiting

2 collections have legacy-named images but have no metadata (Alabama geographical Survey, Wade Hall Photos) in S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress\Digital_Coll_Waiting

1 collection has legacy-named images and no metadata and is hosted elsewhere, but needs attention before we can archive it: Publishers Bindings Online, in S:\Digital Projects\OtherOnlineProjects

111 collections are currently in some stage of digitization, in S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress. Of these, 7 collections are considered large and ongoing (Corolla, Crimson & White, Rohlig audio, Jemison Papers, Gorgas Papers, Harper photos, Woodward Papers).

2 collections are pilots, have been digitized, and will soon be mounted in CONTENTdm for user testing (Nichols and Berman).

1 collection is a pilot, has been digitized, and awaits metadata to be extracted from MARC records if possible: Alabama Collection Sheet Music.

193 collections are represented in Acumen. Of these, 130 have EADs, 62 have no EAD, and 111 contain digitized content (49 have both EAD and digitized content). 8 of these collections belong to Tuskegee.

The collections which have digitized content online but are not archived are: Undergraduate Research projects, Montgomery church ledgers.

66 collections are represented in CONTENTdm. Of these, all but 4 are also in Acumen.

The 4 collections which are in CONTENTdm but offline in Acumen for critical metadata remediation purposes (French Rev. Pamphlets, Harper Timetables and 2 audio collections).

27 of the collections in Acumen are undergoing normal metadata remediation work.

We have a smattering of other small collections of legacy content which should be incorporated into a collection, discarded, or used for user tagging experiments. These exist in S:\Digital Projects\Digital_Coll_in_progress\MiscFolders

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