Quality Control Check

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Below is a list of things to check during the visual assessment portion of the quality control process. Before the visual assessment, please run the filenamesAndDupes script.

The following things are checked by the script and are not part of the visual assessment

  • correct number of digits in file and folder names
  • file names match collection number
  • file names match folder names
  • no gaps in page-level numbering
  • no duplicate filenames in multiple locations



  • image is in focus
  • focus is consistent through image


  • image is not too dark or light
  • exposure is consistent through image


  • image has been properly white-balanced
  • image is the correct color

For more information, see the Visual assessment of images guide



  • image is oriented correctly


  • image is properly straightened


  • image is cropped to show a bit of the capture background
  • image is cropped a reasonable and consistent amount


Matching Metadata

  • item captured corresponds to the item as described in the metadata spreadsheet
  • page numbers in metadata spreadsheet match total number of captures

Internal Consistency

  • pages in correct order
  • no missing pages
  • no blank pages (see Material Anomalies for info about what should and shouldn't be captured)
  • no duplicate images

NOTE: Images across an item should be consistent in Quality and Framing. As much as possible, items across a collection should also be consistent.