Quality Control

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As Students Work (Daily)

At Shift's End (Daily)

Preparation for Check Phase (as needed)

During the Check Phase (Weekly)

Determining what to do with weeded image files (as needed)

Quality Control scripts

Per collection

see: http://www.lib.ua.edu/wiki/digcoll/images/0/0a/General_QC_guidelines.docx

This document covers script usage for individual image collections as well as guidelines for spot-checking and notation of issues discovered during Quality Control.

Across multiple collections

These scripts are written in Ruby and can be found in the c:\portableruby directory


This script runs automatically every evening and creates a report of all the files that do not meet our standard file and folder naming conventions.

QcReporter.rb details Follow link for complete usage of this scripts reports


This script will run on command or will run every evening, and creates a set of low resolution .jpg derivatives for fast visual quality control checking of a collections image files.

Derivatron.rb details Follow link for complete usage of this script