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  • "Metadata In, Library Out. A Simple, Robust Digital Library System," coauthored with Tonio Loewald. To be published in Code4Lib Journal, Issue 10, June, 2010.
  • "From Confusion and Chaos to Clarity and Hope," a chapter in Digitization in the Real World: Lessons Learned from Small to Medium-Sized Digitization Projects, Kwong Bor Ng and Jason Kucsma, ed. To be published by the Metropolitan New York Library Council, 2010.
  • "Bringing Order to Chaos: Preparation and Organization for Long-Term Access" [1]. Delivered at the Southeast CONTENTdm Users Group 2nd Annual Meeting [2] Charleston, SC, October 13, 2009.
  • "Preparing For The Future As We Build Collections" [3] presented at the Society of Imaging Science & Technology Archiving 2009 Conference [4] in Arlington VA, May 2009. Article by the same name published in the Proceedings. Poster developed by Jeremiah Colonna-Romano: Preparing for future ScnCap.jpg.
  • "Metadata in Digital Libraries" [5]. A 2006 overview of various forms of metadata currently in use in digital libraries in the US, and the purposes of each.
  • A short report [6] and PowerPoint presentation [7] on Dublin Core metadata [8] terms and uses.
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