Preprocessing ETDs

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ssh to

1) su root

2) cd ../ftpaccess

3) mkdir todaysdate (such as mkdir 20100203 for Feb 3, 2010)

4) mv *zip todaysdate

5) cp -r todaysdate ../saverkamp/etd_deposits/.

6) cp -r todaysdate ../cdmjls/etd_deposits/.

7) cp -r todaysdate ../jlderidder/scripts/etds/incoming

8) cd ../jlderidder/scripts/etds/incoming

9) processEtds

10) check results

11) mkdir /home/saverkamp/etdsFromJody/todaysdate

12) cp -r working/todaysdate/CONTENT /home/saverkamp/etdsFromJody/todaysdate

13) cp -r working/todaysdate/PRQ /home/saverkamp/etdsFromJody/todaysdate

14) cp xmlList.todaysdate /home/saverkamp/etdsFromJody/todaysdate

15) cp -r /home/saverkamp/etdsFromJody/todaysdate /home/cdmjls/etdsFromJody/.

16) chown -R saverkamp /home/saverkamp

17) chown -R cdmjls /home/cdmjls

18) notify janet and shawn they're ready for processing

log out of ssh

the next segment of jody's work on this is on libcontent1 in regards to archiving. look in /home/jlderidder/scripts/etds

    • Next step: provide the script to Shawn and teach her how to run it.
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