Preparing Content for Vendor

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All content must be reviewed prior to shipping. Check for any signs of damage which would require conservation measures; if found, consult with archivists. If necessary conservation measures cannot be taken prior to shipping, do not include the damaged items in the shipment.


Each item must have identifying information on it or attached to it; preferably a consistent identifying number such as a bar code, ISBN, or source identifier.

  • Create a spreadsheet which has all identifiers (in the order of the content in the containers) in the first column.
  • In the second column, enter titles.
  • In the third column, enter expected extent of the item.
  • In the fourth column, add any necessary notes about handling or digitization.
  • In the fifth column, add any additional identifying information about the source content.

A copy of this spreadsheet will go to the vendor in digital form; print a copy as a packing slip, and retain a copy in the Administrative/Vendors folder with the vendor name and date of shipment in the file name.

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