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Desktops are arranged to make the transition from one computer to the next easier as well as reducing the amount of time you have to spend looking for files and folders.

In short, your desktops are prepared so that you have immediate access (i.e. “shortcuts”) from the Desktop to any projects folders needed on a given computer as well as the files and applications you need on a regular basis. Note that Windows uses the term “Shortcut” while Macs use “alias” for links to files and folders.

There are three main sections to each Desktop:

• Bottom: This is where you’ll find the icons to launch various applications you’ll need such as scanning software, photo editing software, web browsers, and text editors. There are some goodies, too, like Windows Media Player and iTunes.

• Middle: This is where you’ll find shortcuts to the project folders. In other words, if the “Roll Tide” collection is stationed at WorkStation #3 and you are assigned to that workstation, then you should find a folder in the middle of the desktop that gives you quick access to the “Roll Tide” project folder.

• Sides: on either the left side (Windows) or right side (Mac), you’ll see shortcuts to the local and Share drives as well as links to our WIKI, the Shift Report you need to send Jeremiah every day, etc. Note that you should save a copy of the Shift Report on your desktop, fill it out, email it to Jeremiah as an attachment, and then delete the copy you downloaded to the Desktop (we don’t want to clutter up the desktops with these daily files).

By the way, if you attempt to use any of the shortcuts to files/folders in the Share drive and they don’t work, the most likely reason is that you aren’t yet connected to the Share drive. Connecting is easy. Just click on “Shortcut to SHARE”(Windows) or “SHARE alias”(Mac) and type in your credentials (username and password).

Also, please keep the following in mind ...

Since the point of these prepared desktops is to streamline productivity and make all of our jobs easier, there are a few things we can’t do without the approval of a supervisor ... Specifically:

• Do not move Desktop icons around.

• Do not add or remove applications, files, or folders to/from the desktop - or anywhere else on the computer, for that matter - unless so instructed.

• Do not alter software settings.

Having said all that, if you see ways in which your digital workspace can be improved, let us know. Since full-time staff don’t do a lot of scanning, sometimes we just don’t know what the best or most convenient way of organizing your workspace is.

  Note: The information above was copied on 2010 November 1 from the New Student Information Packet that resides on the Share drive. 
  Any changes to this WIKI page should be synced with the appropriate part of said document - and vice-versa.

More Information:

  • Click here to access PowerPoint slides covering the way desktop shortcuts work on PC/MAC stations.
  • Mounting the S Drive and Printer Installation on Windows - click here for a handout.