Policy on Absenteeism

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For student workers, including Graduate Assistants. (Staff absenteeism is covered by UA Libraries' policies on attendance and leave reporting.)

We understand that you as students are here at this university primarily to learn, and success in your coursework is important. At the same time, the digital program is a production environment, which requires us to answer for our productivity. As students and professionals, we expect you to recognize your limitations and make responsible decisions as you balance your schoolwork and other activities with your work schedule.

If you find that you cannot continue to work as many hours per week as you had originally requested, please come talk with us, and we will reduce your work schedule accordingly. This is a responsible method of managing what may have become, for you, an untenable position, and we respect you for being responsible.

Given this understanding, we need to clarify for you what is and is not acceptable to us in a work environment.

If you do not show up for work, and have not contacted us, that’s a serious problem. We know that sometimes you cannot contact us immediately; please do so as soon as possible. Regardless of your reasons for missing work, more than 3 day’s absences in a month is grounds for dismissal. You have agreed to work for us, and we need you to do just that; if you are unable to meet our needs, we need to find a replacement for you; however, if you are having problems, come talk to us before it gets to that point.

Again, if you need to reduce your scheduled work hours so you have more time for your studies, please come talk to us. Then we can plan and perhaps hire in more help to make up the difference.

If you have any questions about these policies, please come talk with Jody or Jeremiah.