Policies and Procedures for Scan On Demand

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This policy page is obsolete

see Requests for Scans

Whenever you make a scan for any purpose besides the collections we are delivering, I want a record of it: how many scans, how long it took, and a completed copy of the Request_Documentation.txt file from S:\Digital Projects\Organization: email to me at [[1]].

If you save the scan to the Digital Projects folder, put it in a subfolder of WorkForOthers and make sure this completed text document is in the subfolder with the scans.

If we do not have the rights to digitize, copy, store, migrate, and make derivatives, we should not keep the scans. If we do not have open access rights (to make them available over the web), we probably should also not keep them. If, however, these are things we will need for future projects, we want to keep them.

If the source location is a manuscript, label the folder where you save the document with the appropriate manuscript number. (All manuscript filenames begin with u0003_, and the 2nd set of 7 numbers contains the manuscript number: MS 252 folder should be labeled u0003_0000252. This way, if we digitize content from that manuscript later, we can find these images and make use of them.)

If the source location is a cataloged item we can't use the call number as the basis for a filename, but once a filename is determined (ex. u000#_000000#) then the corresponding call number for the physical item needs to be entered in the TrackingFilenames spreadsheet in the "physical location" column.

If the content is one of those rush jobs for a donor, name the folder for the donor and put it in S:\Digital Projects\WorkForOthers\Donors

Thank you! If any of this is unclear, please let me know. Jlderidder

Below is a copy of the documentation text:

Scan(s) requested by:

Contact person and info:



Source collection:

Source location:

Digital directory name:

Digital storage location:

Digitization rights (did they sign over rights for us to digitize, copy, store, migrate, make derivatives? If so, where is that record?):

Access rights (did they sign over rights for us to make freely available over the web, for any purpose, or for educational and research purposes? If so, where is that record?):

Access date (is collection on hold?):

Storage time (should collection be deleted at a certain date?):

Title or description of content:


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