Policies and Procedures for Scan On Demand

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This policy page only applies to requests by the Dean, Associate Dean, or other internal parties

For patrons, see Requests for Scans

Here's the basic workflow, also documented in File:Request Policies.docx. Instructions and forms are below the image:


Instructions and forms

  1. First, please review our Project Proposal Guidelines (File:Digital Services DIGITAL PROJECT PROPOSAL GUIDELINES.docx) to ensure success.
  2. Those making requests fill out the UA Libraries Project/Initiative Planning Process Form [1] and also our Project Proposal Form (File:Project Proposal Form.docx).
  3. DS reviews the proposal based on our Project Evaluation Form (File:Digital Services Project Evaluation Form.docx) and reports to AD/Dean
  4. Associate deans/Dean approve proposal (or not)
  5. If approved, the requestor completes the Digitization Request form File:Digitization Request Form.pdf) (If the content coming in is external to the libraries, such as patron-owned content, instead use the Material Check-in / Check-out Form File:Material Checkin Checkout Form1.docx)).
  6. Arrange to transport/transfer materials to Digital Services.
  7. Staff then follow the Staff Instructions for Requested Digitization
  8. After completion, Digital Services returns the original content to the Requestor via the methods defined in the Digitization Request form (File:Digitization Request Form.pdf) or the Material Check-in / Check-out Form (File:Material Checkin Checkout Form1.docx), retaining a copy of all paperwork and rights statements.