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==Making PDFs==
==Making PDFS==
# Open the adobe acrobat professional application
# Open the adobe acrobat professional application

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Making PDFs

  1. Open the adobe acrobat professional application
  2. navigate to the dropdown menu : File > Create PDF > From Multiple Files
  3. Click the "Add folders" button at the top of the panel then navigate to the folder that contains the images that you want to combine into the PDF
  4. Once the files are added in to the project list and you have verified that those are the files you want to combine
  5. Click the Smaller file size / low quality setting at the bottom of the panel (dont forget this!!!)
  6. Then click "next"
  7. make sure "Merge files into single PDF" is selected and then click "create"
  8. This process of merging will not prompt you when it is finished, you have to watch to see when all of the files have been added successfully
  9. Once all of the images present as successfully combined click save
  10. Select the correct folder and rename the PDF file to reflect the filename ("SMXXXX.pdf")
  11. Once the PDF has been created it will open in a window.
  12. Now navigate to the dropdown menu : Advanced > PDF Optimizer
  13. Set the color and greyscale settings both to : Jpeg downsampling = 150, and Quality = low
  14. Click "Ok" and save over previous version, once this has completed close file

this whole process takes on average : 15 sec / page +2 min