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OAI (Open Archives Initiative) is the protocol which allows us to vend our metadata out to metadata harvesters, so that users can search for our content in AlabamaMosaic, in Scout, in WorldCat, in american-south.org and in other portals.

OAI has 5 verbs, which can be modified with date ranges, metadata types and more.

    • A testing interface for OAI can be found here: [1].
    • On the server, the configuration files for OAI are in /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/legacy/mv/vendors
      • You'll see here XSL for MODS, EAD, METS, Collection and tags; only MODS is in use. I do not know if the SOLR ones are in use.
      • The MODS xsl has 3 versions: one for Ebsco Discovery Services (EDS, or Scout), one for the ASERL project (more on these below), and then the primary one.
      • These files are named (in the same order as above) mods_oai_eds.xsl, mods_oai_aserl.xsl and mods_oai.xsl
      • Changes to these will change how the MODS is translated into unqualified Dublin Core metadata, which is required by OAI.
    • And the software that makes it happen is in /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/legacy/mv/plugins
    • And here are our OAI URLs:

Our implementation does not current support sets.

Currently our implementation returns 200 records at a time.

The contact person is set in /srv/www/htdocs/acumen-old/legacy/mv/plugis/oai.php

Here are some test URLs:

For more information, read the documentation and try the public testing interface.