Multiple Batches In Collection

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When processing a very large or ongoing collection, it is not feasible to wait for completion of digitization prior to online delivery or archival storage. We process portions of these larger collections as Batches.

Currently we are exporting Excel spreadsheets as tab-delimited for long-term storage of collection metadata, and for processing into MODS. See BATCH Metadata for more information on the creation of this documentation.

Assuming the collection is u0003_0000653, the first batch of content to be processed for delivery and storage is to be accompanied by an exported spreadsheet named u0003_0000653.1.txt.*

The second batch of content will be accompanied by an exported spreadsheet named u0003_0000653.2.txt, and so forth.

Each spreadsheet so exported will NOT include content from other spreadsheets.

The understanding is that by combining all the spreadsheets for this collection in the order designated by the number preceding the extension, the entire collection's metadata can be constructed.

* Note: Sometimes when beginning a collection we do not know that more will be forthcoming. Therefore, if there is a .2.txt exported spreadsheet in the archive, it is understood that the first version of the spreadsheet without a sequence number prior to the extension, is indeed the .1.txt for reconstruction purposes.