Monthly Count

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To collect the count on the storage drive:

  1. Log onto libcontent1 via SSH and change into the scripts directory. (see Command-line_Work_on_Linux_Server)
  2. Run GBcount: type in `GBcount` and hit enter. It will output on the command line the total count in gigabytes for the archival storage directories on the server. It will also output a detailed report in the scripts/output directory.
  3. Run acumenCount: type in `acumenCount` and hit enter. It will output on the command line the total number of collections represented in Acumen, including the number which do not have EADs; the detailed report will be output in the scripts/output directory.
  4. Download the report created by acumenCount, and open it in Excel, with tabs as delimiters. This report lists collection identifiers, titles, item count, file count, and whether the collection has an EAD. At the end is the total counts for both items and files.

To collect the count on the Share drive:

  1. use the monthly GB counter described here Monthly_gb_counter. This script is kept (where??? how do you run it? what does it output and where?)

(anything else??)

To combine and reconcile the two into the monthly report:

Please refer to this document for information on how we compile our monthly count File:Collecting numbers for use in the monthly count.docx