Metadata Movement

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Item-level metadata may be generated from EAD finding aids (for item-described content, such as images), extracted from MARC records (such as sheet music or published materials), or generated by hand by the metadata librarians.

After Digital Services digitizes content, JPEGs are handed off to the Metadata Librarians in the For_Metadata_Librarians folder on the share drive.

After MODS have been generated into the collection directory Metadata folder there, metadata librarians will move the folder to the Return_To_Digital_Services folder for preparation for upload.

See Descriptive metadata for more information on the current step-by-step procedures for metadata librarians.

See Creating collection xml file for creating the Collection XML file.

See Image_and_Text_Digitization for general Digital Services workflow overview and details.

Diagram of metadata movement

for content being digitized in Metadata & Digital Services effective June 2017: Collection and item level metadata overview:

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