Metadata Issues

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This page documents part of the workflow for "Digitizing the S. D. Cabaniss Papers," an NHPRC-funded grant project.

For metadata discussion about linking digitized content into EADs, see Scripted_Links_in_EADs.

For generating minimal MODS for display and access, see Minimal MODS: Cabaniss.

Documenting Information about the Physical Object

Occasionally as we scan, we come across items that have special considerations. Items may be torn, missing a page, or contain a blank page (it is our practice not to scan blank pages). Usually this information is recorded and presented with the metadata for an item. Because we are displaying only minimal metadata for this collection, this information will not be delivered. However, we feel it is important to maintain a record of this information for those who may encounter this collection in the future. This information will be documented in the column titled "Item Notes" on the Tracking Files log sheet.