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A match file is used when a photo collection contains items whose filenames don't match their analog numbers. For example, photo 2011.004.001234 ought to have the filename u0001_2011004_0001234. If there was a discrepancy, we'd need a match file.

Why Are They Necessary

  • The EAD linking process depends on a predictable match between analog and digital numbers for photo collections.
  • If there is no match, the scripts need a file to tell them how to match things up.

Why We'd Have a Discrepancy

  • More than one photo had the same number, so one of them gets the predictable filename and the other gets something that doesn't match.
  • There's a photo without a photo number, so there's no analog to match the digital to.

How To

  • Note: it only needs to contain the mismatches, not everything in the collection
  • Text file in two columns, using these headers
    • Filename
    • Photograph Number
  • Save as tab delimited, using this naming format
    • xxxxx_xxxxxxx.match.txt
  • Put it in the Admin folder so it can be archived with the other collection docs
  • Tell Jody it's there for pickup or else COPY(as root) it to /srv/JodysScriptArea/eads/MATCH

Collections with Match Files

  • u0001_2007001 - UA photos
  • u0001_2007010 - Woodward photos
  • u0001_2012035 - Searcy Family photos
  • u0001_2007007 - Perkins Family photos
  • u0001_2012001 - Natalie Thornton photo album