Making MODS

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This page demonstrates how to create MODS files using Archivist Utility from an Excel metadata spreadsheet.

for information on how to upload MODS, see Uploading MODS

What You Need

  • Microsoft Excel
  • A solid text editor such as Notepad++ Portable (a Windows text editor) is freely available here.
  • Archivist Utility.


  • Open metadata (.xlsx) in Excel and choose SAVE AS.
  • Choose the "Text (Tab delimited)" option as shown if the metadata has no diacritics/ "foreign" characters in it.
    • If there are diacritics in the metadata, refer to Diacritics before proceeding.

MODS 1.png

  • Save the .txt file in a prepared "Metadata" folder in the Digital_Coll_Complete directory.
  • Open the .txt folder with your text editor. Do a find and replace to remove all the quotation marks that have appeared during the export.
  • Open Archivist Utility.

MODS 2.png

  • Load the correct MODS template by choosing the "Load XML Template".
    • For "old" metadata spreadsheets, this template is MODS-template_7.ds.xml
    • For m01 metadata spreadsheets, this template is AU_template.m01_5.xml
    • Both of these templates can be found in S:\Digital Projects\Administrative\forSoftware\ArchivistUtility
  • Chose the "Load Data" tab and select your .txt file.
  • Choose the "Log" tab to check for errors.
    • If you receive an error that reads "Invalid XML output, cannot tidy output," that means you have a diacritics issue (bad character) in your metadata text file. This is probably because some of the text in the spreadsheet was copied from Word. First, you can try to identify the character and correct it by hand. If that is not possible, try the steps found on the Diacritics page.
  • If no errors, chose "Export All Rows" and place the MODS output in the prepared MODS folder in the Digital_Coll_Complete directory.