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Mission Statement

The University of Alabama Libraries through the Digital Services Program seeks to increase the visibility of and enhance the interaction with unique research and scholarly materials. Through innovative technologies and staffing, the Libraries provide online access to these materials and the tools to support their use in furthering the pursuit of knowledge. The Digital Services Program coalesces expertise across the Libraries in order to leverage skill sets and processes that further the Libraries’ mission.

Wiki Sections

Who We Are & What We Do

Information about the unit, including our mission and goals, our work with other departments, our research and presentations, and various policies.

How We Do It

Information on our production pipeline, with sections on image and audio digitization and delivery, content archiving, and how we organize and document our work.

Collections & Projects

Information about two of our biggest projects: the Acumen open-source digital repository and discovery interface, and the NHPRC-funded grant project to digitize the S. D. Cabaniss Collection.

Staff Links

Information for us, mostly a set of links to helpful resources.

Find us on the Web

Digital Collections

Social Media