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(Administrative Policies and Procedures)
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'''[[Policies_and_Procedures_for_Scan_On_Demand|Scan on Demand]]'''  and  '''[[Requesting_Copy_of_Digital_Image|Requesting a Copy of a Digital Image]]'''
'''[[Requests_for_Scans|Scan on Demand]]'''  and  '''[[Requesting_Copy_of_Digital_Image|Requesting a Copy of a Digital Image]]'''
'''[[Alterations_To_Online_Content|Alterations to Online Content]]'''
'''[[Alterations_To_Online_Content|Alterations to Online Content]]'''

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UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation


Administrative Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement and Scope

The Big Picture or "What are we trying to do here?"



Scan on Demand and Requesting a Copy of a Digital Image

Alterations to Online Content

Human Resources and Student Worker Policies


Documents and Collections

Share Drive

Records of Progress!

Database Tracking

Prepared Desktops

Digital Services Policies and Procedures

Digitization and Quality Control

Matching - "Books" vs. "Letters" : how to create secondary scans from digitized book pages when metadata exists for pages of the book as independent intellectual items.

Metadata and Diacritics - how to manage diacritics issues in terms of MODS creation/metadata remediation.

Server-Side Work

Transcripts and Creating OCR Files



Cabaniss - Information about "Digitizing the S. D. Cabaniss Papers," an NHPRC grant-funded project.

Acumen - Our web delivery software, soon to be open source

Command-line Work on Linux Server

Handling Archival Materials

Working with Microsoft Excel

Finding Things

Wiki templates - if applicable, please use one of these in order to help standardize the organization of the most frequent types of pages

Collection-Specific Notes and Information

Mounting the S Drive and Printer Installation on Windows - click here for a handout.

Useful Resources

Wiki Reference Guides

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