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Currently, our Encoded Archival Description finding aids (EADs, reference ) are being created in Archivists Toolkit (AT, reference ).

Since many of the collections we have digitized thus far are small, containing only one to five items, the archivists will enter the links for these items into the EADs within AT, and export them.

Here are the instructions for Obtaining PURLs for online content.

However, for mass digitization of content, such as with large collections for which we will not have item-level human-created metadata, the links will be added by script.

Here are specifics for what those tags will look like: Scripted Links in EADs

And here is a current copy of a PERL script that will add those links. File:LinkContent.txt

An example of how this will look online can be viewed in the Cabaniss EAD, under the first series description, in the legal papers, box 5.

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