Kate Matheny

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Kate has now completed her PhD in English, and is enrolled as a SLIS student! She worked for us as a student, years ago, and now has joined us as Digitization Outreach Coordinator, where she will seek new and better ways to engage users with our digital content.

Back when she was a student here, Kate called herself the "Mystical Wizard of All Things Picky," and was the one we turned to when we need to know the status of a partially worked collection that has languished untouched since olden times. She also created spreadsheets for metadata input on new collections, organized our digital shared space, helped determine and enforce policies for maintaining some order and progress, performed quality control checks on metadata and images. Beyond that, she has been known to track down physical content deep in the stacks, consult with Hoole personnel to determine best practices and solutions to difficult problems, and more. When we needed organization, clarity, or solutions to detail problems, Kate is our Woman Of Choice. Where would we be without her?

Student Worker of the Year for 2008-2009!