Jeremiah Colonna-Romano

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Jeremiah Colonna-Romano is the Technical Lead for Digital Services. He manages all workflow pipelines for all digitization efforts in the library's Digital Services department. Jeremiah is skilled at scripting in Ruby, Python, and Perl, LUA, PHP, managing MySQL databases, Metadata transformations, all forms of digital imaging, 3D scanning, XSLT, raising unicorns from spores, Bash scripting, Imagemagick, infra-dimensional telepathy, writing custom applications designed to graph brightness data in the complex plane, Photoshop actions, 3D modeling, trouble shooting systems that are so badly broken their constituent subatomic particles no longer remember one another's email addresses. Currently (2019) Jeremiah is working on the migration of 500,000 images and metadata into ContentDM via CDM's SOAP based upload web-service API.