Jeremiah Colonna-Romano

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Jeremiah Colonna-Romano is our Technical Lead. He was once the Digitization Manager, but without a fleet of student workers to manage, he no longer has any personnel management responsibilities. However, he still manages much about our equipment and workflows.

This necessitates management not only of equipment and scheduling of assignments, but of content. Jeremiah monitors levels and types of pipelines both available incoming content, AND the ongoing flow of content through our hands to Metadata Services, online delivery, and archival storage. As we have been automating as much of our work as possible, Jeremiah has taught himself Ruby and shell scripting to assist in digital file management. Most recently, he has uncovered options for locating and extracting/updating specific entries in multiple spreadsheets, and he is investigating how to use this capability to further automate capture, documentation, and quality control.

After assessment of scanning speeds and available overhead systems, Jeremiah determined that overhead capture is the cheapest and fastest option, far better than flatbed scanning. So in 2011 Jeremiah utilized his engineering skills to revamp our problematic Book Drive into an overhead capture station with adjustable lighting, modify our ScanBack system into another overhead capture, and then he ALSO designed and developed a low-cost desktop overhead capture system. These will greatly improve our efficiency, allowing us to spend more time on usability testing, improving our product, and improving access.

Under Jeremiah's direction, Digital Services has already created well over 14 terabytes of archival content, primarily manuscripts: 74,228 intellectual items, or over 282,500 captures (as of May 1, 2012).

Jeremiah is also a professional sculptor and visual artist, and some of his works can be seen online at his website, Jeremiah brings fresh and unusual perspectives into our complex production environment, providing us with new ideas and creative solutions. His expertise in image scanning and manipulation, his conscientious commitment to quality, and his tremendous experience with visual arts make him the backbone of this department. His creativity in envisioning new approaches to online delivery helps to guide our future directions.

Jeremiah ROCKS!!