Item Numbering Variations

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Single images and single-paged text documents

Single images may be numbered without a page value, and so may single-paged text documents.

Either of the following file identifiers are correct for a single-paged item:

  • u0003_0000023_0000012
  • u0003_0000023_0000012_0001

Box and Folder number for Manuscript Items

If the manuscript collection is small enough to have less than 100 boxes, less than 100 folders in any one box, and less than 1000 items in any folder, then it is acceptable to incorporate those numbers into the item file identifier in the following fashion:

  1. the first 2 numbers in the 3rd section of the file identifier are the box
  2. the 2nd 2 numbers in the 3rd section of the file identifier are the folder
  3. the last 3 numbers in the 3rd section of the file identifier are the item sequence within that folder.

For example:

  • u0003_0000252_0102001 is the first item in box 1, folder 2
  • u0003_0000252_1404007 is the seventh item in box 14, folder 4

Old Audio file identifiers

The Emphasis and Working Lives audio collections made use of an older file naming convention that more closely mirrors our standard file naming convention for image-based items. Both collections use an item identifier (ex. u0008_0000001_0000001) followed by a sub-item addition to reflect the existence of the item across multiple physical reels/tapes.

For example, u0008_0000001_0000001_0001, u0008_0000001_0000001_0002 would both indicates that there were two reels (Emphasis) or two cassettes (Working Lives) for a given intellectual item, a lecture or an interview, respectively.

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