Internal business continuity

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Web Services, archivists, Digital Services, Cataloging and Metadata services all developed lists to identify who is responsible for what tasks in their area, related to the digital program.

This helps us to identify:

  1. which tasks are crucial;
  2. who the contact person is for each task;
  3. who the backup contact person is for each task;
  4. and whether the backup person needs training.

By mapping this out and keeping it current, as well as by following up on necessary training,

we develop a roadmap for keeping our business running even if we should lose critical personnel.

Digital Services Responsibilities

If the issue is simply access to content, then the answer is different:

If the domain goes down, access is lost, and we have no control over that. What we do is contingent on where our concerns are addressed in the protocol hierarchy of OIT. We need to document what is in place and identify gaps.