In House Born Digital

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In House Born Digital refers to born digital content generated by UA Libraries at the request of the dean, or with his authorization, which we have been asked to host and probably preserve.

Examples include:

  1. pictures of the dean made for the Horizons newsletter or the annual report
  2. photographs of UA presidential portraits for the UA president to use in a publication

The current workflow pattern:

  1. Find out if we are to put them online
  2. Find out if we are to preserve them
  3. Obtain a collection number (and descriptive information, if it does not yet exist)
  4. Assign appropriate item number(s)
  5. Assess quality of content and significant properties, for migration/normalization
  6. If possible, normalize to current archival file formats (retaining original)
  7. If any loss has occurred, retain original untouched.
  8. Assign appropriate metadata, including provenance (who created it? when? where? how?) and rights (what rights do we have over this?)
  9. Document in the log that this was born digital

Notify Head of Digital Services for assistance: this may require software changes for archiving, technical metadata extraction, and documentation.

  1. If it is to go online, follow the upload procedures specified for the type of content.
  2. If it is to go into the archive, follow the processes for uploading to deposits.