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===How to handle problems during scanning===
===How to handle problems during scanning===
*[[Material Anomalies|Should this be scanned?]]
*[[Material Anomalies]] -- Should this thing be scanned?
*[[Procedural Anomalies|What should I do if...?]]
*[[Procedural Anomalies]] -- How should this thing be scanned?
*[[Capture Anomalies | Problems getting a good capture]]
*[[Metadata Anomalies]] -- What do I do about wonky metadata?
*[[Capture Anomalies]] -- What if I can't get a good capture?

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For information on equipment and standards, see Digitization.





Dealing with Archival Materials



  1. Collection Setup
  2. Digitization
  3. Quality Control
  4. Prep for Upload
  5. Upload
  6. Collection Completion

How to handle problems during scanning