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''Head of Digital Services:'' [[Jody Deridder]] [[http://www.linkedin.com/in/jderidder | Jody DeRidder]]
[[Who We Are!  Digital Services]]
We are very lucky to have a terrific team of dedicated, self-motivated, conscientious employees.  These folks can always be depended on to show up on time, do a remarkable job on some very tedious, detail-oriented work, and provide the feedback we need to keep this show on the road.  All the content you see online is due to the hard work of Jeremiah, our staff and our students:    [[http://content.lib.ua.edu/index.php| University of Alabama Digital Collections]]
Whenever you see these great results, think of the work that went into this, and the terrific folks here behind all that work! 
[[Policy on Absenteeism]]
'''''Digitization Manager:'''''  [[Jeremiah Colonna-Romano]]
[[Addressing Poor Performance]]
'''Full Time Staff:'''
<!---[[Attendance Policy for Fall Break]]--->
'''<font color=red>[[Emergency Procedures]]''' - '''EMPLOYEES MUST READ THIS'''</font>
<!---'''[[Human Resources|Student Worker Policies]]'''--->
#[[Nitin Arora]]
Disaster Recovery Planning:  [[Image:Dependencies.doc]]
#[[Amanda Presnell]]
#[[April Burnett]]
'''Student Workers:'''
[[Handling Archival Materials]]
[[Supplies and Purchasing]]
#[[Kate Matheny]]  '''[[Student Worker of the Year for 2008-2009!]]'''
#[[Vara Prasad Arikatla]]
#[[Elizabeth Della Pella]]
#[[Jeanette Fontaine]]
#[[Jennifer Bryant]]
#[[Koushik Reddy Kothapalli]]

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