Hosting Other Content

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From time to time, various content is suggested for incorporation into Acumen, such as student projects, community projects, faculty research, learning objects, and database content currently held in various departments. And now and then, we are asked to quickly upload something for the benefit of donor relations.

Such an undertaking is not simple, particularly for formats not currently supported by Acumen or our software support systems; and any such content will require adequate metadata for search and retrieval, assignment of collection and file identifiers that fit with our system of organization. Thus, addressing these requests is going to require cross-departmental collaboration. On top of that, we need to make sure we have the rights to manage this content and make it widely available (see Digital_Services_Permission_Agreement.

Please refer all such requests to the Head of Digital Services, who will consult with the Associate Dean of Library Technology to address how to respond. Such requests may be the starting point of a grant-funded proposal, a UA Libraries Project Proposal, or may simply be met with a flurry of emails to coordinate efforts and obtain necessary information, so we can proceed quickly.